Land Camera 4x5
Land Camera 4x5
Land Camera 4x5
Land Camera 4x5

Land Camera 4x5

$39.00 CAD
Polaroid Land Camer - Heathered Tee with Orange/Yellow Turqoise print (can vary...)
Cut: Bamboo Stretch (see below)
Material: This limited edition shirt has a super soft feel and is made from the highest quality fabrics available. (50% Poly, 25% Bamboo and 25% Cotton)

We carry three different types of tee. All of them contain bamboo fibres - some more / some less, depending on the style, colour and fabric. I don't have to say they all look fantastic :)...

It's basically your choice. Personally I can say that the Bamboo Stretch ones a fitting slightly tighter to body and the Classic Bamboo shirts are having a more regular cut.

The Women's tees (not the stretch ones) tend to be a little bit smaller in sizes. So therefor I recommend to take the measurements of your current tees and compare them with our sizing charts to avoid any returns....

If you are not sure about your size - don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help :))

WIDTH: Measure across the fullest part of the chest, from armpit to armpit (1 inch below)
LENGHT: Measure from back collar to hem of shirt

BAMBOO Stretch
S: W18" x L25"
M: W19.5" x L26"
L: W21" x L26.5"
XL: 22.5" x L27.5"

BAMBOO Classic
S:    W19" x L25"
M:   W20.5" x L27"
L:    W22" x L28"
XL:  W 23.5" x L30"

Well, we recommend hand wash but let's face it who does it. We also throw our tees in the washing machine (delicate cycle). We don't bleach it, but hey that's normal. Tumble dry - hmm, no not good for any fabric. We do wash our tees inside out to protect the print from washing out.

Over the time the print will fade a little bit and the tee will get it's vintagy, retro looking style we would like to have. So don't worry about it - it looks cool! :)